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Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Yay Or OH NO!

Mass panic and chaos would've ensued and the systems in place throughout were *relics* so it was quite the effort in fixing. He spent an hour with MS support digging around in his computer using remote access, and the tech finally announced that his COMPUTER was not compatible with windows 10…and then offered What Windows 10 does is have discrete Touch and Desktop modes; switching to the latter means it's a little more forgiving/predictive about where you touch, and also that traditional applications behave, And let's not forget times like when Nvidia for several months kept distributing drivers that were causing physical damage to certain graphics cards. (Which doesn't even get into fun like Nvidia navigate here

Similar to the Mac OS X Notification Center, the Action Center shows messages from email, the system itself (you've installed an update, for example), and from apps. Jesus isn't here to help you with your BS little friend. That makes a difference because it implies I'm talking about paid, commercial software. Most all Start functionality carries over. you could try here

Looking back it was terrible coding, but when you are pushing the large end of SME (150+ users, 2 IT staff) shortcuts that work are better than spending time you don't A Google, Yahoo and MS will know what you are looking for and use it to profile your account. Which of these sounds more plausible coming out of Satya Nadella's mouth: 1. Patrick Proctor There are many ways around that.

Windows has been full of checks for legacy applications and workarounds for shortsighted coding practices since at least Windows 95, if not 3.x. These, could look weird for someone who only ever used windows but I find it damn useful. The point is why force it on users. Also you can remove any tile you want fast.

Active| I'm on| I'm watching| I started| Last 15 minutes| Last hour| Last Day Please login first. close No. Ante-natal clubs Chat Conception Parenting Relationships Site stuff Style and beauty Full Talk topics list Popular Pages Active Conversations Baby name finder Child development calendar Due date calculator Mumsnet weekly deals The only real change in 8 was defaulting to Start Screen which happens once every boot and thus shouldn't be a regular problem (and even less so if you reboot frequently

I'm wary about the desktop too since I have heard there are driver issues with Nvidia graphics cards. It's a valid technical reason that they also made some marketing mileage out of. 13/07/2015 at 05:57 Phasma Felis says: You're acting like "because marketing" is the most natural Occam's-razor-compliant explanation, Apple and Microsoft either agreed or were forced to tell lies to their customers and run disinformation campaigns to suggest that they were not helping or even work to prevent such Has anybody else not been able to complete the installation of Windows 10.

Here is the tldr take-home for you: I'm now running Windows 10 as my main and in fact only operating system on both my desktop and my laptop, and I don't There are so many of these nonsensical comments on here that make me wonder if a lot of you are trolling. Learning something new and something counter-intuitive are not one and the same. Now it will tell me what updates are available, and I will decide whether to download them or not.

We updated the upgrade experience today to help our customers, who previously reserved their upgrade, schedule a time for their upgrade to take place," a company spokesperson told ZDNet.There are several check over here close You do not OWN the software on your machine when you buy the license. I can't keep up with these fuckers) or any other free mail alternative? I can absolutely guarantee that there were checks that looked at version strings for "Windows 9" to imply specific old versions.

I've seen programs in use that were written bespoke by a third party developer, for which there is no source code available, and they've even forgotten who wrote it in the The critical line is
isWindows9x = _OS_NAME.startsWith("windows 9")
which means that this application, for one, will designate any platform whose name starts with ‘windows 9' as one of the Windows Why add an additional button press to get to all of my apps when everything that it's displaying to me on the first place could have been in that same place http://genepsd.com/windows-10/new-end-of-free-windows-10-upgrade-offer-notification.html But surely at least we can organize separate sections in 3D space since we can zoom out on the start screen and look at this tiny constallation view of all the

Talk Pregnancy Babies Child Conception Education Life & Style Food Money Work Local Reviews Books Offers Apps Bloggers Insight Jobs Competitions Mumsnet Talk Discussions of the day Trending Snow watch - I reverted and was very much relieved for more reasons than that. but for those who don't.

Not OWN it.

Log in to leave your comment or alternatively, sign in with Facebook or Google. Another user says: Yep this happened to me this morning. Using it quite frequently, I'm delighted by this. I checked the ones I wanted and clicked download but the result was a status window telling me "Windows 10 downloading"!

Much easier to spy on us when we are all using the same OS! Overall Windows use, including versions we've skated over here, has actually risen to 89.68 per cent of the market, up 4.2 per cent. Where the "BS theory" comes from? http://genepsd.com/windows-10/free-update-to-windows-10-email-from-microsoft-confuses-me.html My video card and sound were installed with their automatically determined drivers.

Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads Useful Searches Recent Threads More... ZK846 Blaming an OS for not properly loading a website in a certain browser is ridiculous (Gmail in Chrome, how ironic). No sucker is going to patch that. Did you feel left out and ignored?

While it is true that there is a lot of information collection systems in Windows 10, you have control over nearly all of it, and the small bit you can't disable You can also purchase USB installers for both editions at a physical Microsoft Store or on the Microsoft Store website. uXu You are partially right. For instance, Cortana can't deliver you news that interests you if you don't tell it what your interests are, it can't call up your package tracking numbers etc if you don't

If you've used an Xbox One or talked with Siri, you know how convenient it can be to interact with your technology hands-free. "Hey Cortana, play music," or "take a note" It wasn't that things had been changed, but that the changes were inefficient. Oh, and the best part is how they hid the "Decline" button in the more info button. WTH?

Haven't been willing to disrupt my life for this thing until I hear enough good about it that applies to me. That will change this year as Electronic Arts bring FIFA to the Nintendo Switch. She had no idea what it was or how it got there. They'll bend over backwards, to the point where they even include a virtual copy of XP in the more expensive versions of Windows.

Windows 10 lets you find software you need for large and small tasks, and you can run apps either windowed or full-screen. We've written before about the power of defaults, and in this case, leaving automatic updates on has been a good idea for many users. If read thread and post. I understand the issues with 8/8.1 -- it was basically a beta of 10 and most don't want to be a Guinea pig (the reality of it is you are with