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Does Scheduled Defrags Analyze The Disk First?


What I have not seen is if win 8 does defrag once a month how much damage is it really doing to my ssd? Do you know about the Hidden Partitions displayed in Disk Defragmenter Tool? From the main screen, you can also highlight a disk and select Analyze Disk or Defragment Disk. Q. http://genepsd.com/windows-10/disk-check-won-t-run.html

It's easy enough for me to see where a "very busy" system might overload a buffer on the SSD, and some of the TRIM operations might not occur. If you still face problems, see this post on Disk defragmenter could not start or Failed to initialize. Conventional wisdom is that SSDs don't need to be defragmented and doing so can also wear down the drive. If those of you that want a better application I would suggest Perfect Disk.

How Many Passes In Defrag Windows 10

Anyway: Thank you both so much for trying to give us all some input!MaxSunday, 07 December 2014 16:11:07 [email protected]:-- I'm even more confused now.The re-appeared comments (not here when I submitted) If you are on Vista and using at least Service Pack 1, you can also select which volumes will be automatically defragmented during this scheduled defrag. (Windows 7 users can select invalid email (thinking…) Reset or sign in with UserVoice password Forgot password? The defrag engine and the manageability of fragmentation have been improved.

It's at least 1,000,000 P/E on newer chips (Wikipedia article). Vadim's analysis has a lot going on. Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much more. Defrag Consolidated the run on schedule box is checked but it always says the next scheduled run is never.

does anybody know why it is like this? Help! After you add files successfully, do not forget to click OK button to finish it.Single File or Folder DefragmentationDisk Defrag can specify a single file or folder to defrag if you So now what do I do to get the results that I need????

I don't have the normal windows 7 start menu and don't have the search thing, so I can't just type "defrag" into it and have it pop up. Windows 10 Defrag Optimization Not Available So I'm sure Scott appreciates your support :) But I always teach my readers to think critically and don't believe everything they hear or read, even in my blog; I teach Interface Overview1.The Second Line Button: quick access button to Defrag the selected disk, Defrag a file, Defrag a folder or schedule Disk Defrag by clicking Options.2.The Upper Box: shows the Drive This just confirms that "once a month" is an approximation.

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Somple to use and it's fast. It is more reliable than XP and has more features and an easier interface. How Many Passes In Defrag Windows 10 He tried to get more information from others that he works with, however that does not make it his job to write and release documentation.From what I've seen, you assumed there Defrag Command Prompt One of the things I always do after doing a clean install is turn off System Restore - I've been doing that since Windows 7 was released.Over the past month, I've

According to the devs I talked to, the schedule for SSDs is every 28 days. http://genepsd.com/windows-10/win7-os-physical-disk-for-repair.html I have attempted to run it several times and have gone from 10% to 15% fragmented. In the lower section of the left menu you will see Disk Defragment. The 'this' pointer in the initialization list of the constructor Is it offensive to use 'Saigon' instead of 'Ho Chi Minh City'? Command Prompt Defrag Windows 10

Actually Scott and Vadim are both wrong. This is the only way to end misleading interpretations.As for your lost comments, I have a copy of the entire page before the loss http://1drv.ms/1u2YYyF (it'll be public until you restore no estimate of time, no progress to date. Check This Out tHANKS January 30, 2010 luther I have Vista but it won't defrag automatically.

You can open the Disk Defragmenter in Windows 8 or Windows 7, by right-clicking on a Drive's icon, selecting Properties and clicking on the Tools tab. How Many Passes Before Defrag Finishes I click "Analyze" and the result is 79% fragmented. However, there is no guarantee that all of the TRIM operations were successfully executed.

How can I reduce it to 5-10% ????

I understand for the most part that defrag is bad, fragmentation still happens on ssd. Simply would not load. So with SSDs, just let Windows do its thing and don't worry about defragmentation. System Drive Needs Optimization Windows 10 Vista Ultimate.

For a home PC, it's pretty much about creating restore points. I don't see other statements in this blog post that contradict to anything I've said, so either kindly ask the developer to clarify his or her statement or remove it altogether.I I don't want my laptop shining all night while I try to sleep. http://genepsd.com/windows-10/stop-error-when-boot-from-disk.html I dont want to hijack this thread and wont post the URL to my question but I also have several topics left without any feedback (for example about the inability of

January 31, 2010 Big Daddy I have Vista but can't get defrag scheduler to work. Some controllers level more aggressively than others, but the basic structure remains the same: there is no, on purpose, contiguous (i.e., sequential) storage in an SSD. It performs an old-fashioned defrag on platter drives, and it does something different on SSDs. I know it's not your question to answer but this is the best discussion of TRIM and Windows I've found.

And it probably is, to some extent. So when you defrag, you simply optimize the FS, but you also force the controller to perform read-modify-write operations, and it moves data around NAND cells... Everything You Need To Know About the Blue Screen of Death How to Use Android's Wi-Fi Assistant to Safely Connect to Public Wi-Fi Networks (and Save Data) What’s the Best Antivirus This seems to work.

Finally click "OK" at the bottom of the page. Think of Windows 7 then. Not sure if running degrag / optimize on the VHDX on a SSD is a good idea, but it doesn't seem to make a difference regardless. Select your hard drive and click Analyze.

To my understanding defrag provides no value add on an SSD and so is disabled by default when the installer determines the disk is SSD. Converting Numbers to a "Not quite place-value system" How do I texture an object in Cycles How exactly does "/bin/[" work? Most likely, you have a software conflict, or some type of maleware that is causing your issue. If you start a defrag, you will see the status similar to the following screenshot This site is copyrighted.

He could've been just the messenger, but decided to go beyond that with a viral blog post title and his own interpretations of the dev answer.@PCMy statement "You can't defrag SSD PROBLEM, VISTA never gave me that option it just stopped when the defragmentation process was over it went back to the box above. It says I'm automatically set to defragment weekly. Thanks, Scott! :)Jim BurdTuesday, 16 December 2014 03:49:49 UTCThanks for the detailed discussion - it's long overdue that we hear more about how things really work.I have workstation with a RAID

The Disk Defragmenter process starts according to a schedule that you can adjust.