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Sound on Acer Aspire 4830T Laptop not working at all

Touchpad not working on Sony Vaio

Fn keys don't work

5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers

Internet not working

Touch pad wheel.

gaming headset mic not working in vent or sound recorder

Ultra VNC unresponsive mouse problem

Multiple Monitor Issue

Another Numlock Issue

5.1 audio problem windows 7 64

Help with HP laptop keyboard issues

Windows 7 USB Problem

Mic wont work on my Acer Aspire 4540 need help please?

CD ROM Stops Working

Internet works on Ubuntu

Front mic panel problem

Wireless not working on new laptop

Browsers not working

Screen saver - monitors off - wont work - powercfg

all usb ports quit working and i have a usb enabled keyboard and mouse

no surround sound windows 7

Up key not working

USB Optical Mouse Stopped Working

Making sound work. switching between speaks and headset

audio stoped working

Usb ports not working after new installation of win7

The "L" key isn't working and its part of my password

Front USB 3.0 ports not working?

Internal Notebook Microphone

Ports problem

Mouse and Keyboard do not respond.

VIA HD Audio Not Working w/ 5.1 Channel Speakers

No Sound from Laptop Speakers

Microphone Internal Not working!

My built in mic is not working

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse not responding

usb ports on mobo dont work

Right Channel Not Working !

Control+left/right arrows not working

Issue with USB Graphics Adapter and Lock Screen

Front mic port not working/shown in sounds

Lots of programs "have stopped working". Also glitchy screen.

Certain keys dont work

Right channel suddenly stopped working

Desktop not functioning correctly

Sound not working

Windows backup not working correctly

Need some help with my USB ports because it won't detect anything .

right speaker not working

Laptop's keyboard is not working

Boot from CD when Win7 can't see keyboard 'til after bootup?

Usb keyboard not working correctly - win7 64-bit

CD ROM Drive is not working

Speakers help

USB Problems. Please Help! PLEASE!

Fn+f6/'Fn+f5'not functioning proper in Win-7 HomePremium 32bit.

IIS Stopped working

Keyboard and touch pad problem

Keys not working

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