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Improving Internet Connection


We’ve gone through the basics of router hardware before, so check out the first lesson of our networking Night School for the full lowdown. To clear/delete the browsing data viz. You should also delete old files, and clear your browser history - you can do this from your web browser options menu. 4. Stop using wireless A wireless connection will always be slower than a wired one. have a peek here

Often your connection speed is slow because other programs are using it. Click here for our BT Home Hub guide. 3. If you've installed a lot of toolbars for your browser, these can significantly slow down your connection. You can find this setting in your wireless network's administrator interface.

How To Boost Wifi Speed

the Blog Tyrant How are you anyway love? Some models, particularly if they're older, still require you to first find and download the firmware from the router manufacturer's website. If it's an open network, close it. However, there are tons of things that can have an impact on broadband speeds - from old hardware to poor wiring and more.

Cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances can muck with your signal as well. You tend to use whatever the router default is, but if neighboring wireless networks are also using the same channel, then you are going to encounter signal congestion. Check for external interference I bet most of you have an iPhone, iPad, sound system and at least one other form of electronic device in your modem area. How To Boost Wifi Signal From Router If someone else on your network is downloading a lot of media from the internet, such as watching streaming videos or downloading large files, it is probably using a significant percentage

Join in. *Closed after 30 days* Chromatic Dramatic 1MB = 1000KB… not sure where you found the extra 24… Chromatic Dramatic More information here… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibibyte you're getting your units mixed up. How To Increase Wifi Range Sometimes viruses can live on your computer and suck resources away from what you are doing thus slowing down your speeds. After graduating from the University of Nottingham reading philosophy and theology in 2013, Christina joined a tech start-up specialising in mobile apps. http://lifehacker.com/5931743/top-10-ways-to-boost-your-home-wi-fi How to test your current internet speed The first thing you will need to do is test your current internet speed.

broadbandchoices.co.uk is a registered trademark of Decision Technologies Limited. How To Improve Internet Connection On Ps4 Privacy policy In the media Our broadband experts are regularly asked for comments by the British Media Test your broadband speed Compare your current broadband speed with the other providers in In order to minimize interference, turn off data on your phone and move your microwave oven away from wireless devices and your router when you're using the connection. 5 Check to Tips DNS (Domain Name System) is the service that translates domain names (like wikihow.com) in to IP addresses that computers can use to communicate with each other.

How To Increase Wifi Range

However, if your phone lines are capable of delivering faster broadband speeds than you are getting, there are a number of DIY tricks you can use to improve your chances of If you are willing to tinker, and you happen to have routers lying around, you can also make your own repeater, but that's another story altogether. 9. How To Boost Wifi Speed Help answer questions Learn more 212 lifehackerDeadspinGizmodoJalopnikJezebelKotakuLifehackerThe RootVideoindexSkilletTwo CentsVitalsApp directoryGearTop 10 Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-FiWhitson Gordon8/04/12 8:00amFiled to: Lifehacker Top 10Wi-FiInternetSpeedTweaksDIYDIY CreationsRoutersHardwareFeatureTop15035EditPromoteShare to KinjaToggle Conversation toolsGo to permalink Wi-Fi How To Boost Wifi Signal With Aluminum Foil Not only will it give you a ton of great security features and other enhancements, but it gives you the option to boost your transmitting power.

How to improve your Wi-Fi speed: You're not using the 5GHz network © iStock/Henrik5000 The 2.4GHz frequency is crowded. navigate here Check your internet speed 1. Take multiple tests and find the average speed you are getting. Two tools that are great for this job are NetSpot for Macand Heatmapper for Windows. How To Boost Neighbors Wifi Signal

A poorly-optimized hard disk can drag down your computer's speed, affecting everything you do, including browsing the web. Why Do I Have to Keep Resetting My Router, and How Can I Fix It? Some toolbars can be difficult to remove, and you may need to use one of the antimalware programs listed in the previous step. 4 Change browsers. Check This Out Open Activity Log to see a list of everything running.

Even the same test may give you different results between tests. How To Increase Wifi Range On Android Sometimes these settings are not on the best option by default and you'll need to update them based on the types of devices you use, etc. If necessary, they will send a line technician out to your house or neighborhood to check their infrastructure.

Scan for viruses The next thing you need to do is make sure that no virus itself is causing you to slow down.

At least, they don't happen that often. A lot of European and American cities have super fast cable internet. Whatever you do, don't stick your router in a cupboard - you'd be surprised how common a mistake that is! How To Boost Wifi Signal On Laptop Common devices that can interfere with your wireless connection are microwaves and cell phones, many of which operate in the 2.4 GHz range.

Clean up your computer There are tons of applications on your computer that could be using the internet, possibly some without you even knowing it. If you have a dual-band router, you'll likely get better throughput by switching to the 5GHz band instead of using the more common 2.4GHz band. There are many other reasons why your connection may be less than ideal. this contact form From your settings you can set up a password and secure your Wi-Fi.

Windows 8, 7, XP etc. You should only have one antivirus installed at at time (otherwise they would conflict with each other). 2 Run malware and adware scans on a regular basis. Suppose your current bandwidth connection speed is 1.10 Mbps that means you can download at 140.8 KB/sec [1.10 x 1024/8]. Unlike antivirus programs, you can and should have multiple different anti-malware programs installed: Malwarebytes Antimalware Spybot Search & Destroy Adw Cleaner HitMan Pro 3 Remove excess toolbars.

It's good to talk If you are not getting what you expected from your ISP, then give them a call. Paul First Hub 200 miles away Download: 20.09 Mbps Upload: 1.07 Mbps Second Hub 120 miles away Download: 19.88 Mbps Upload: 1.07 Mbps Third Hub 95 miles away Download: 19.11 Mbps Same thing with baby monitors. This is due to the location of test servers and the number of people sharing your connection.

Patented power-saving mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85%. People often say megabytes when they mean megaBITS. How easy—or how hard—it is to upgrade your firmware depends entirely on your device manufacturer and model. These are things you might not know about.

We value your privacy, please see our privacy policy Related Latest 1 Why do a broadband speed test? 2 The facts about download and upload speeds 3 Do you know someone Hope you get back to those kinds of articles soon. 🙂 the Blog Tyrant Thanks mate.