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How To Start Prgms From "search Entry Field" In START Menu?

In this example, the user may enter a second mouse (click) event, as evaluated at step 606, in which event the mouse event is processed at step 608. Moreover, more complex actions may be taken than those exemplified in the flow diagram, e.g., mouse hovering, double-clicks and the like are not shown as possible actuation methods, but are described You must be logged in as an administrator to be able to do the steps in... He has been using and promoting Python since 1992, started writing Python books in 1995, and began teaching Python classes in 1997. Source

Using the SAS Command from the Command Prompt You can start either an interactive SAS session or a batch SAS job by typing the SAS command at the command prompt. This file is created only if there is output for the program. Action is taken based on the further interaction. These documents may be scattered among various sources, e.g., on local drives, on the internet, on home and/or enterprise networks, and/or other places such as USB storage devices. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/206859-how-start-prgms-search-entry-field-start-menu.html

Appl. By way of example, and not limitation, FIG. 1 illustrates remote application programs 185 as residing on memory device 181. SAS should be registered properly when you install SAS the first time.

This example uses a .BAT file. Imagens(7) Reivindicações(22) What is claimed is: 1. Further data corresponding to start menu interaction is received, and action is taken...http://www.google.com/patents/US7600194?utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePatent US7600194 - Start menu operation for computer user interfaceAdvanced Patent SearchTry the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google In this example, the on-screen Start button and corresponding Start menu behavior is optimized for mouse navigation, while search is optimized for keyboard interaction.

Número da publicaçãoUS8490016 B2Tipo de publicaçãoConcessão Número do pedidoUS 12/574,665 Data de publicação16 jul. 2013 Data de depósito6 out. 2009 Data da prioridade2 dez. 2005Também publicado comoUS7600194, US20070130535, US20100070922, US20130290903 Número If i go to Start (globe on lower left), and in "Search programs and files", e.g. Highlight the Batch Submit action and SelectSet DefaultOK. RAM 132 typically contains data and/or program modules that are immediately accessible to and/or presently being operated on by processing unit 120.

This Summary is not intended to identify key features or essential features of the claimed subject matter, nor is it intended to be used in any way that would limit the The invention may also be practiced in distributed computing environments where tasks are performed by remote processing devices that are linked through a communications network. Further data corresponding to start menu interaction is received, and action is taken...http://www.google.com.br/patents/US8490016?utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePatente US8490016 - Start menu operation for computer user interface Pesquisa avançada de patentesTry the new Google Patents, with Components of the computer 110 may include, but are not limited to, a processing unit 120, a system memory 130, and a system bus 121 that couples various system components including

After outputting the selected start menu, data corresponding to interaction with the start menu is received. http://www.google.com/patents/US7600194 By way of example, and not limitation, communication media includes wired media such as a wired network or direct-wired connection, and wireless media such as acoustic, RF, infrared and other wireless Use the Windows Explorer and drag your SAS program file icon (the file that contains the SAS code) to the SAS.EXE file icon or shortcut. In addition, you can access window-specific pop-up menus, which offer the same menu choices.

After you have created a shortcut to SAS, you can append system options to the SAS command. this contact form If via mouse, step 602 branches to step 604 to display a “mouse” Start menu that may be unique to mouse actuation, depending on how a system is actually configured, (e.g., The monitor 191 may also be integrated with a touch-screen panel or the like. The drives and their associated computer storage media, described above and illustrated in FIG. 1, provide storage of computer-readable instructions, data structures, program modules and other data for the computer 110.

On another installed Win7 system I opened START menu and entered regedit into the search entry field at the bottom. Another represented mechanism comprises a physical button on a keyboard 206 or remote control device 207. If alphanumeric, the search filed is updated (note that it appears in the mouse Start menu, but if not, can be displayed at this time), and the process returns to step have a peek here For more information about how SAS searches for the configuration file, see How SAS Finds and Processes Configuration Files.

The NovaStor Logging Application to gather all of your logs is available for download here, including theinstructions on how to utilize it. In addition to deleting the oldNovaBACKUPregistry keys that is instructed in Step 4 you will also run the Registry Clean function of the freeware CCleaner software. The computer-implemented method of claim 1, wherein the set of menu items correspond to a menu that is unique to pen activation. 12.

While the invention is susceptible to various modifications and alternative constructions, certain illustrated embodiments thereof are shown in the drawings and have been described above in detail.

The system bus 121 may be any of several types of bus structures including a memory bus or memory controller, a peripheral bus, and a local bus using any of a Citações de patente Citada Data de depósito Data de publicação Requerente TítuloUS587776511 set. 19952 mar. 1999Microsoft CorporationMethod and system for displaying internet shortcut icons on the desktopUS5920316 *4 nov. 19976 jul. Use the -LOG option to change the destination folder for the log of the program that has been executed. "C:\Program Files\SAS Institute\SAS\V8\Sas.exe" -SYSIN c:\testprog.sas -NOSPLASH -ICON -PRINT c:\test.lst –LOG c:\test.log Note: Step 602 represents a first test for the initial way in which the Start menu was actuated.

A basic input/output system 133 (BIOS), containing the basic routines that help to transfer information between elements within computer 110, such as during start-up, is typically stored in ROM 131. If Windows cannot find the SAS.EXE file in the specified folder, the folder that is specified in the SAS command still becomes the current folder and Windows searches for the SAS.EXE If SAS is not registered properly, see the example on the next page. http://genepsd.com/how-to/search-option-has-been-vanished.html Returning to step 612, if the start menu was invoked with something other than a mouse click or a keyboard, step 612 branches to step 622 to evaluate whether the user

The system memory 130 includes computer storage media in the form of volatile and/or nonvolatile memory such as read only memory (ROM) 131 and random access memory (RAM) 132. When used in a WAN networking environment, the computer 110 typically includes a modem 172 or other means for establishing communications over the WAN 173, such as the Internet.