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How To Share On Cmdline The Folder D:\aaa\bbb For User 123 ?

share|improve this answer edited Oct 26 '14 at 10:49 community wiki 3 revs, 2 users 92%Ja͢ck add a comment| up vote 21 down vote Notice: Trying to get property of non-object The classes for arrays have strange names that are not valid identifiers; for example, the class for an array of int components has the name "[I" and so the value of No remote guess-helping possible.) When using constants like e.g. Example 2 - Function in Function Declaration function createFn() { function fn() { return 1; } } echo fn(); // triggers error In this case, fn will only be declared once weblink

It turned out that the functions.php file had more than one block with spaces in between. –Roy Leban Mar 31 '13 at 8:41 1 @RoyLeban "If your file I know that if i want to "sticky" a folder/file in a folder sorted by name, I can use a symbol like _ at the start of the name so it'll Special treatment for some overloaded Java methods -- Explicitly create and pass Jython objects. Create a self-contained jar file with jythonc: $ jythonc -j hello.jar -a TestHello.pyCreate java class files that can be imported into Java: $ jythonc hello.jar 4.4.3Calling Jython from Java using jythonc

suppress_completion_append_character() When the ReadLine library finds a unique match among the list that you returned, it automatically appends a space. Merry New Year – yay 2015! Pass the help categories or undef, followed by the command-line arguments: "help" => { desc => "Print helpful information", args => sub { shift->help_args($helpcats, @_); }, method => sub { shift->help_call($helpcats,

To actually run your PHP scripts, you need: a web server which executes your script to set the file extension to .php, otherwise the web server won't interpret it as such* Is this plane landing or departing? More references: Serverfault: mysql access denied for 'root'@'name of the computer' Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied Warning: mysql_select_db() Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO) #1045 - Access denied for user Uses self->commands() if cset is not specified.

You may also see this for a PHP built-in function. Why is this? Example: PyDictionary namespace = interp.getLocals(); PyInteger value = new PyInteger(144); namespace.__setitem__("x", value); 4.2.6There are also a few complexities You will want to selectively expose capabilities from your Java application to scripts http://newwikipost.org/topic/2FVH8hnFJpq9yYI0RwwqXEnUP1YkZ7sv/Share-a-Hotmail-Folder-with-Gmail-or-Dropbox-User.html Hot Network Questions Russian Nesting Words Relationship between Coordinate Time and Proper Time How to fine-tune hyphenation for mix of math and text Determining if a relation is reflexive Could an

Pass blank_repeats_cmd=>1 to the constructor to get ShellUI to repeat the previous command. Use either args => sub { shift->complete_files(@_) }, or args => \&complete_files, Starts in the current directory. Arguments are those passed on the command line and the return value is the value returned by call_cmd and process_a_cmd (i.e. An SQL injection may cause alteration, loss or modification of a record, a table or an entire database.

Note that subsequent calls to createFn() will trigger an error about Redeclaration of an Existing function. How to get useful error messages in PHP? on a non-object share|improve this answer edited Oct 26 '14 at 12:01 community wiki 2 revshakre json_decode now returns an instance of stdclass by default, so the example code exists This command shows how to use the "complete_files" routines to complete on file names, and how to provide more comprehensive help.

Do this either in the php.ini or in a .htaccess or by any other method that affects the configuration before runtime. have a peek at these guys Reply msj, on August 9, 2010 at 5:16 pm said: thanks, it solved my problem Reply TuriTip #25: WorkSpaces & TFS, the folder is already in use… - Turibbio's Blog, on join(", ", map {-e($_) ? "<$_>":$_} @_) . "\n"; }, doc => <

on a non-object" Questions on Stackoverflow share|improve this answer edited Jun 29 '15 at 20:13 community wiki 15 revs, 8 users 64%hakre add a comment| up vote 81 down vote Nothing It is a reference to an array that has already been split on whitespace using Text::Shellwords::Cursor::parse_line. Finally, args can also be a string. http://genepsd.com/how-to/sharing-a-folder-for-a-particular-user-in-a-particular-machine.html WRITING A COMPLETION ROUTINE Term::ReadLine makes writing a completion routine a notoriously difficult task.

Those can restrict which databases you are allowed to connect to, from which client/server the connection may originate from, and which queries are permitted. some code using PDO $statement = $pdo->prepare('invalid query', ...); $statement->execute(...); In the example above, the query cannot be prepared and prepare() will assign false to $statement. Is alcohol called spirits due to linking of imagery?

completemsg(msg) Allows your completion routine to print to the screen while completing (i.e.

Strict Standards: Non-static method [::] should not be called statically Also see Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP? tokens The tokenized command-line. tf workspace /delete PC123;other-user /server:http://tfs:8080 A deleted workspace cannot be recovered.Workspace ‘PC123' on server ‘http://tfs.8080′ has 0 pending change(s). public int append(String item) { data.add(item); return 1; } // Implement the [] operator.

Advantages of this approach: jythonc is not required. Including this command allows you to simply type "h". This is useful if your application uses quotes to delimit, say, Perl-style strings. this content You can find a working version of this exact code titled "synopsis" in the examples directory.

If you can't fix your credentials, then asking the internet to "please help" will have no effect. It's the PHP interpreter's way of expressing different fundamental parts of programs. This can be used to change the command set at any time. Compile it with jythonc: # Foo.py import java class Foo(java.util.Date): def __init__(self): self.count = 0 def bar(self, incr=1): """@sig void bar(int incr)""" self.count += incr return self.count def toString(self): cnt =

If you don't want to use help categories, simply pass undef for the categories. Here is the Jython script: # test_jythonc.py import sys def test(words): msgs = ['hi', 'bye'] for word in words: msgs.append(word) for msg in msgs: print msg def main(): args = sys.argv[1:] If you get a "Warning: Access defined for 'DB_USER'@'host'" and a "Notice: use of undefined constant 'DB_PASS'", then that's your problem. is already in use by the workspace on computer | Steve Shakespeare, on November 7, 2013 at 7:06 pm said: […] https://grumpywookie.wordpress.com/2008/04/02/tfs-workspace-for-another-user/ […] Reply Change Owner Workspaces « El TecnoBaúl de

myshell Invokes an interactive Term::ShellUI. You could use it, for instance, to display an error message (using completemsg) telling why no completions could be found. Your routine returns an arrayref of possible completions, a string conaining a short but helpful note, or undef if an error prevented any completions from being generated. So, using jythonc to compile your Jython code to Java for use in your Java code may not appeal to you.

In the following example, we create a stand-alone Jar file, that is, one that can be executed as a script on a machine where Jython is not installed. Both effectively impact the ability of a user to access a shared network resource, so... To avoid such errors, you MUST always escape the data before use in a query. more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science

This example is much simplified. proc This contains a reference to the subroutine that should be executed when this command is called.