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Win 7 & BlackArmor HDDs. Anybody Else Have A Problem?


Reply JayB says: December 20, 2014 at 9:11 am Great to hear thanks for the feedback 🙂 Reply Keaton Forrest says: December 22, 2014 at 4:56 am Sorry late response: So Install OpenMSS on the NAS. 2. For a time up to about 6-8 months ago, WD shipped certain drives with the Intellipark time-out shorter than would work with a TiVo, and it resulted in hangs when soft-booting.I You'll need to boot Linux to access the drive. check over here

So I reached for my credit card and bougth a copy of R-Studio NTFS. I had data nearly lost from a year long music project and you all saved the day. What is inside it? Eventualy I found this site and this program, and I tried it as a last resport, and as I speak, I am recovering all my data. http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/75554-win-7-blackarmor-hdds-anybody-else-have-problem.html

External Hard Drive Randomly Disconnects

Here's the website with the downloads: BlackArmor Family | Seagate My System Specs System Manufacturer/Model Number Apple Macbook Pro (April 2009) OS W7 Ult. So far I recovered one out of two harddisks that failed and with great result. Back to Blog Back to Things Of Interest Discussion (64) 2010-03-01 23:37:40 by Jim: Run cmd as Admin, and use 'del' ? The Drives work fine when connected and shared directly from the iMac or other computers.

No access to the data. Anybody else have a problem? But I'm thinking just maybe there's a unicode character in the filename. ---- Can you read the contents of the file? (TYPE, or edit in notepad) ---- You mentioned the commandline. Seagate Blackarmor Nas 220 Replace Hard Drive After installation, the product perfectly recovered the photos.

This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." Attempt to change permissions using Properties > Security > Advanced > Change Permissions... It... A reformat would certainly fix this. https://sidfishes.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/how-to-seagate-blackarmor-data-recovery-after-datavolume-failed-error/ Its sitting at 25% complete at the moment and it looks like it might even work.

And so what if the O/S powers the drives down? Sata Hard Drive Disconnects Then I tried your trial on the disks. Thanks guys, you've made a customer for life. I has never occurred for me, but I always run ubuntu, which probably plays nicer with redhat's smb implementation. 2010-03-09 11:07:56 by Ruben: Your problem is simple.

Internal Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting

I recently had a hard disk ("D") crash which resulted in my "Family Tree" being inaccessible. https://qntm.org/nas The Western Digital diagnostics said the drive had an error 0777 and send it back, windows could not read it. External Hard Drive Randomly Disconnects I will recommend you to everyone. Seagate Blackarmor Nas 440 Factory Reset This issue with the product, is due to bugs in crappy firmware.

As there is a free demo I decided to give it a try. http://genepsd.com/hard-drive/graphic-problem-after-cloning-using-image-from-another-pc-same-model.html Awaiting for your reply, Best Regards Charis Grivas Managing Director. Well worth the cost. Did you read the bit where there's no way to format this thing? Seagate Blackarmor Nas 110 Orange Light

Thanks so much R-Studio. There are 2 ways to do this. It's maddening and I can't seem to find a solution. this content At this point we’ll assume you have Debian 7 running and your 4 drives hooked up via USB.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know since this thread hadn't had any activity in a couple months. Freeware Linux Reader For Windows Now I have only added ONE domain user and IT IS STILL NOT WORKING.During my epic call with Seagate about the first box, the Seagate tech got at least one thing Right now Im trying to keep all of my programs from accessing the drive, lest it pulls a vanishing act in the middle of it running and hang up my whole

If there is a way to recover data your programs will find it...` Apr 30 2012, Richard Schramm Your r-studio linux program save my all my personal and company data when

Thanks for your help! I am amazed at how truly easy it was to use. I have all 4 drives of my Raid 5 connected to a PC with a Live Debian 7.6 running off a USB stick. Hdd Disconnecting Itself Hardware & Devices Ever had a problem connecting 2 "identical" external HDDs?If you have ever connected 2 identical ext HDDs and found both work fine independently but not when both plugged

And the DLNA/iTunes support is poor and just stops working if you have more than just a few videos. I joined it to a domain and set up a number of directories with different use permissions. You may find this error appears after the vgchange command. have a peek at these guys Checking firmware updates I see there is one for this drive: Barracuda 7200.12 original firmware CC39 and an update of CC49 labeled important.

Just looked in depth. It wouldn't pass the Short or Long Generic tests. When I used the stock JMicron drivers from JMicron website I found the drive would always disconnect after a period of time even if I had made adjustments in the Windows Execute the following cmds (adjust sda1/sdb1 as needed).

Well continuing with the story, I first used a hex editor to check to see if he might have had any information regarding the previous partition information and found that everything Aug 27 2012, John Byrd R-Studio - what a great product! But is it possible that the entire partition with my files is gone?ThanksDeleteReplyAnonymousAugust 20, 2011 at 2:31 PMI removed the drive from the enclosure and disconnected my hd in my win7 What does that even mean?

I read somewhere that the installed hdd must be completely empty (mine had data & partitions). The three HDDs were configured as RAID 5. Mounting the data partition as ext35. This device is fairly foolproof - It is impossible to make anything foolproof - because a fool will always find a way to stuff things up, especially when they don't take

I was beginning it think that it was dead for sure. With you program R-crypto it`s going at once- just disconnect drive and all encrypted, connect- decrypted. This in my 2TB took less than 15 minutes.Previously I was having some problems with this procedure (not working, see previous poss) due the fact that I whipped only the first Following the recommendations on your site and using your software I'm in the process of recovering my files!Thanks, you're a life & data saver.

But this is a story with a truly happy ending. If it wasn't for your fantastic program R-Studio i would have lost 7 years of family photos, downloads and all the other stuff you cant put a price on. It's probably shared as "read-only". ALSO, when you following along and the output of your system isn't what I'm saying it should, I'm not sure I can help.

I decided to buy your product after I downloaded the demo and it was able to relocate my files.