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Google Chrome Not Playing Pandora Or Sports Radio . PPAPI ?

Spike coincides with release of M32 + Flash player version: - Disabling hardware deceleration does not help - Some users said that disabling Pepperflash showed some improvement, but that introduces It is annoying at the moment, now i have to download everything what i want to see and YouTube video´s i watch with Firefox. As soon as I click to fullscreen the stuttering is gone! Both my Chrome and Flash are updated so I really don't know how this problem can be fixed. his comment is here

Video's are playing without a lag & without displaying black-screen. It starts fine, but it seems once the buffer is full, it starts playing choppy. Just to be clear, its nothing to do with the priority as that can't possibly help when the CPU is maxed out entirely. Also under Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy - Content Settings, if your Plug-ins are not set to Run Automatically, then make sure to allow [*.]pandora.com under Manage Exceptions. 5. http://www.sevenforums.com/browsers-mail/401496-google-chrome-not-playing-pandora-sports-radio-ppapi.html

Actually noticed this since the release of 37.xxx dev. Comment 42 by charlie...@gmail.com, Feb 8 2014 Processing It is particularly noticeable for me when watching sporting events, such as hockey, that involve a lot of camera pans, video is extremely Comment 8 by Deleted ...@, Jan 28 2014 Processing Same issues, plus any flash feed of sports lags like never before.

ANY flash video content is very "choppy" including youtube and other flash-based video. Music, Pictures & Video Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us Vista Forums Eight Forums Ten Forums Help Me Bake Network Status Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies Windows 7 Since I did that occasionally YouTube audio is good, but I lose the visual, but for the most [part the audio remains messed up. Troubleshooting Minimum Specifications to Run Pandora Trouble Streaming Pandora on Android Trouble Streaming Pandora on iOS Firefox Troubleshooting Safari Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Troubleshooting Trouble Streaming on Pandora Plus Desktop App Trouble

Comment 151 by Deleted ...@, Jul 21 2014 Processing This issue just started for me. I still don't know the cause I didn't update anything manually but having to switch to IE now and then is becoming very annoying so please fix it. Comment 102 by janebo2...@yahoo.com, Mar 11 2014 Processing I've also been plagued with this issue, both audio & video in Chrome are unplayable due to the "chop". http://www.vortl.com/main.pl?redir=comments&crypt=GkQsnelIlSc916091of&page=articles&rss_id=175886151&encode_label=&t=Google-Chrome-not-playing-Pandora-or-sports-radio- Windows 7 Help Forums Windows 7 help and support Browsers & Mail » User Name Remember Me?

Comment 138 by orbanbal...@gmail.com, Jun 7 2014 Processing #c131 #c132 - I have enabled the --ppapi-flash-args=enable_low_latency_audio=0 flag, and started Chrome with only one tab of a youtube video playing (playback has Settings for the plugins have not been changed at all from the recommended install. Please fix this ASAP. I do not see unusual system load and other video apps seem fine.

I actually re-installed Windows 8.1 along with Chrome and the issue persists. visit Thank you! The easiest way to reproduce is to install RES (Reddit enhancement suite), view a video on the reddit front page and while it is playing "middle-click" (open in background) other links but because I've been using Chrome I didn't update IE (& frankly, don't want to), so many IE features don't work.

Comment 110 by ytub...@gmail.com, Mar 28 2014 Processing @chromium.org says its Unconfirmed, 100s and 100s (heard many and more users not posting here saying it is)of users say it is Confirmed...But this content I know if not for DXVA, videos play choppy on my computer. Playing anything with audio causes the "Browser" process, named in chrome's built in task manager to spike in CPU percentage. windows 8.1 chrome and chrome beta both have the choppy video and audio issues while trying to play youtube video's Comment 150 by adelaide...@gmail.com, Jul 18 2014 Processing @ #131 and

I have no extensions running, have cleared history and cache, no change, uninstalled and reinstalled chrome-no changes. Comment 3 by Deleted ...@, Jan 24 2014 Processing For me, it is not confined to YouTube nor just video. Comment 121 by supercil...@gmail.com, Apr 16 2014 Processing On my new Intel BayTrail NUC machine, which I use as a home theatre PC, Chrome is unusably slow when it comes to weblink Comment 95 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2014 Processing Is there any solution to this problem?

also the videos tend to chop and stutter when the flash window size is 720p (not quality, but size). I tested some of the examples posted here and I got the same results, choppiness for HTML5, fine for Flash. Comment 68 by [email protected], Feb 12 2014 Processing Cc: [email protected] m...@chromium.org jbau...@chromium.org People seem to be describing a variety of issues here.

I tried firefox before leaving xp but videos still stuttered even with html5.

PPAPI ? Comment 161 by Deleted ...@, Aug 29 2014 Processing I am trying to watch a couple of tv shows and it seems ok until you put it to full screen and But not this time. I have experiencing the same issues here as described.

I installed chrome, but found I could accessorize firefox to do everything chrome does and it comes as the default browser. There sure are a lot of reports now while just a few years ago, streaming video worked great on any machine, it seemed. about.gpu.htm 82.3 KB View Download Comment 139 by oapa...@gmail.com, Jun 7 2014 Processing Stuttering youtube on ver. 37.0.2024.3 dev on OS 10.9.3. check over here Flash is Comment 154 by michaeld...@gmail.com, Jul 30 2014 Processing Try resetting the browser.

Has been this way for several weeks now. the recommendation does not work. PPAPI ? First time about half a year ago.

feeds for your website / blog Search articles sites Log in Register Poll: What's the future for Trump and the U.S.? articles ALL animalsartbaseballbasketballbusinesscomicscraftsentertainmentfamilyfashionfoodfootballfun factsgamblinggolfgreenhealthhomehow-tohumorlgbtmmamoviesmusicnaturenewspoliticsquotesreal estatereligionscienceshoppingsportsT.V.techtennisvehiclesvideo gamesvidsweatherweb developmentweb Comment 172 by [email protected], Sep 17 2014 Processing jdstrong: This is a separate problem. Have a look @ http://www.spacetelescope.org/videos/heic1406a/ which plays smoothly w/ Firefox and NPAPI-Flash while it it is choppy w/ Pepper-Flash. I'm seriously considering moving to another browser at this point.

Is anyone else... I'm on Version 35.0.1916.114 m - Windows 8.1 64bit I noticed that other sites (Soundcloud) have the same issue for me, if I leave playback in a background tab. As I am Unable to figure out the difference of the above issue in latest chrome stable version "33.0.1750.117" & on on latest canary version "35.0.1864.0". Comment 72 Deleted Comment 73 by charlie...@gmail.com, Feb 12 2014 Processing Using HTML5 and "not using many tabs" is not a solution to the problem Comment 74 by charlie...@gmail.com, Feb 12

The aim of this extension is to cover as many music video sites as possible. Comment 149 by Deleted ...@, Jul 17 2014 Processing This issue just started about a week ago on my system. Every video player i try to play online is still slow and stuttering........etc I hope you guys are going too fix it. For people reporting problems, are you sure the videos play back in Flash and not HTML5?

Comment 84 by jrt...@gmail.com, Feb 19 2014 Processing I can only reiterate the statements above, I find myself in the same position and have loaded Firefox to watch any video's. For example, on a quad core bay trail CPU as in my tablet or my NUC, any attempt to playback flash video from twitch.tv on Chrome is a slideshow at ~10 But I'm sure they are not able (clever enough) to do that, so hopefully they are clever enough to find a cause and solution a.s.a.p.! I have to drop down to 720p to make it watchable, with high CPU usage.

Comment 67 by charlie...@gmail.com, Feb 12 2014 Processing Not isolated to AMD APUs. Google - please fix this problem.